Nov 29, 2018

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Discover The Long-Term Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Discover The Long-Term Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, we end up with a smile that is less than stellar. Whether you suffer from extensive decay or generally poor dentition, it is distressing to have dental problems that cannot be resolved with diligent daily care and hygiene. There are many problems that may arise with teeth, including but not limited to a fractured molar, extensive decay, old or cracked fillings or previous dental structures, or an infected tooth that needs a root canal. When any of these situations occur, it’s imperative that you consult an experienced dentist to evaluate the problem and develop a plan of care, and oftentimes the best treatments are Dental Crowns.

Thankfully, skilled and knowledgeable providers specializing in Dental Crown in Kona are available to handle these scenarios, giving you the best odds for optimal dental health. During your first of two appointments, you’ll be examined by the dentist, and impressions will be taken of the shape of your affected tooth or teeth. While the tooth and surrounding area is numb, any necessary prep work will be completed, decay or remaining debris will be removed, and the site will be prepared for the temporary crown. This temporary crown, which will be worn for about two weeks, until your new, permanent crown is ready, protects the surface of your tooth and allows you to eat and drink more comfortably until your next appointment.

During your second appointment and actual procedure, the dentist will remove the temporary crown, clean and prepare your tooth, then place the permanent crown, followed by a full visual inspection, as well as performing a bite check to ensure that everything is properly aligned. After placement, Dental Crowns offer the long-lasting strength and stability that you need, while restoring full function and delivering the aesthetic value and appearance that you deserve.

Of course, it’s best to adhere to excellent daily dental care and take care of problems before they turn into larger issues, but when you need more advanced dental care or have an urgent dental matter, it’s a good idea to check into Dental Crowns Kona to have a professional take a look. Dental Crowns may be exactly what you need to provide you with that smile that you have been waiting for. Visit the website for more information.

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