Jun 18, 2013

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Disabled? Hire a Social Security Attorney in Schaumburg for Benefits

When a person in the United States gets very sick and can’t work, they are often shocked to find out that there are few benefits programs to help them. If they lose their job because they are sick and have used up their vacation and sick time, they don’t qualify for unemployment benefits. In order to receive unemployment they have to be able to accept a job. However, if they’ve been paying into the Social Security system through payroll taxes and have been unemployed for at least a year, they might qualify for the Social Security disability program. Sick people will find that this is a very difficult approval process and they should seek out the help of a social security attorney Schaumburg practice.

Even if the person’s doctor considers them disabled, that’s no guarantee that the Social Security staff person reviewing their case will agree. It’s very common for very sick people to be denied this benefit. There are very strict guidelines and definitions that determine who is entitled to receive Social Security disability payments. A great deal of paperwork has to be flawlessly completed and turned in. Just missing a single question can get an application rejected.

An social security attorney Schaumburg lawyer who has handled many of these cases knows exactly what information needs to be provided and in what format. They’ll probably even know some of the government workers. That means if there’s a problem, they won’t be calling a large bureaucracy in the dark. They’ll also know what type of documentation to provide at the applicant’s hearing. They can also help the applicant know the best way to explain their illness and ability to work. This preparation ensures that the staff person reviewing the case gets a clear picture of the applicant’s health and disability limitations.

Sometimes people think that a government agency is there to help them. They can’t believe the the government would deny a sick person their benefits. As a result they don’t hire a lawyer. So their initial application gets denied. They shouldn’t let this stop them from appealing the decision. According to the Social Security Administration’s own records, they have a better chance of winning their appeal, if they are represented by a lawyer. There is a short time given to appeal a denial, so the person has to hire a lawyer quickly.




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