Digital Marketing: Helpful Terms to Know

There is no question that Digital Marketing in Minneapolis has been proven a successful venture, and challenged a number of companies to increase their budget and time to enhance their existing marketing campaigns. If you want digital marketing to work for you, learning the ins and outs of the practice is essential. The following terms will provide you with a great foundation for understanding digital marketing.

Content Marketing

In the past few years, the high value of quality content has been realized. This is even truer since Google has started ranking the links based on original and high-quality content. Many businesses have planned to increase their production of content and will continue to search for new ways to extend the reach that this content has.

Social Media

A number of businesses have realized that social media is able to generate almost double as many leads, when compared to PPC, direct mail and trade shows and can be achieved at a lower cost per every lead. Social media is a completely effective way to increase lead generation and the related costs are less than any other platform that is available. This is a digital marketing channel that is ideal for businesses wanting to amplify their content’s reach and also increase their website traffic.


SEO, or search engine optimization takes a good amount of money and time to develop successfully and is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and daily updates. For these reasons, this channel is often undesired. However, when you stay up dated with the latest algorithm used by search engines, you can ensure that your business shows up in the top of the search results.


PPC, which is pay-per-click marketing for short, is definitely on the rise. PPC and content marketing go together and they are both quickly growing in use and popularity. The ultimate goal of PPC is to help and drive paid search ads to the various content that has been created by your business. This forms another beneficial channel for the expansion of your content’s reach.

When you understand the basic terms that are related to digital marketing, you can successfully implement it into your business marketing plan. This will help you gain more visibility and rank higher in search results, allowing more customers to be able to see your website and shop for what you have to offer.

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