Nov 27, 2015

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Different Types of Signs for Advertising Purposes

If you want to further your brand, its products, and its message, then you should take advantage of advertising. As you may well know though, advertising can be expensive and as a result, you may want to consider an advertising option that is both economical and effective.

The optimal option are signs, but not all signs are the same. By knowing your options, you can make the best choice to suit your brand and your advertising needs. Below are a few of the main types of signs and their qualities so you can make an informed decision.

Rigid Signs
The fist type of sign that you may want to consider is what is known as a rigid sign. A rigid sign is a hard type of sign that is usually smaller in size and is placed at specific locations. One of the best examples of a rigid sign is an “open house” sign that you drive by when there is a home sale in a neighborhood.

A rigid sign is a great option if you are looking for an advertisement that is going to last and that utilizes a tough material. When you order a rigid sign, the company employs a rigid sign printing process. The rigid sign printing process utilizes special printing techniques in order to attain the desired result.

Aluminum Sign
Another sign option that you may want to consider is an aluminum sign. The aluminum sign is made out of aluminum and unlike a rigid sign, it is a bit more malleable. Aluminum signs can be made in different sizes to accommodate your advertising needs. In addition, images can be printed in color so that your sign is vibrant and effective when individuals view it.

Before ordering the aluminum sign, you should discuss with the company about showing you a sample so that you can verify what you are ordering.

Plastic Signs
Finally, another option is a plastic sign. Plastic signs are perhaps the most flimsy and they are best if you only need the sign temporarily. Plastic signs don’t last very long and they can also get dirty easily. A final point about plastic signs is that the colors aren’t as vibrant as an aluminum or rigid sign. As a result, a plastic sign should be one of your more final options if nothing else works for you and your needs.

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