May 30, 2014

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Different Types Of Serta Mattress Options You Need To Consider

If you are buying a mattress then you have most likely had the opportunity to look at a range of different mattress brands and types. If you are considering a Serta mattress, which is a top choice, you should be aware that they make three different types of mattress options for you to consider.

When selecting one of the three Serta mattress options it is important to realize that there is no type of mattress that is universally better to sleep on for all people. Different mattress types provide different levels of firmness and support which gives you the option to choose one that works for you. In addition keep in mind that each Serta mattress is covered with a comfort layer that provides the softness and plush feel to the mattress regardless of the specific interior design.

Memory Foam

A Serta mattress with memory foam is a top choice for many people. The memory foam provides a universally supportive layer that is perfect for those that sleep in al positions. In addition a memory foam option from the Serta mattress line will have a gel memory foam component that allows the mattress to remove heat away from your body when you sleep, allowing you to stay cool.


An innerspring mattress by Serta mattress is based on a traditional coil spring mattress but with several advances in technology included. The steel coil springs are placed strategically in the mattress and topped with foam and fibers as well as the comfort layer. This provides a firm, stable sleeping surface in a variety of levels from soft to extra firm.

Hybrid with Memory Foam

The Serta mattress marketed as the memory foam hybrid offers the best of both mattress options. There is a central support of the individually wrapped innerspring coils topped with the gel memory foam. The result is a very comfortable, firm and stable bed that stays cool and limits motion transfer.

Choosing the right Serta mattress types starts with trying out the different mattresses at the store. Most people discover that one or more of these styles really works for them, and that is the mattress type they decide to purchase. for more information.

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