Different types of roofing shingles

Roofers Coeur d’ Alene ID are people who are experienced in repairing, replacing or installing new roofs using a number of different types of shingles. Shingles today come in a wide variety of styles that compliment the design of the house as well as providing a sturdy, long lasting roof surface. In many cases the roof that is installed on a home is chosen to compliment the style of the house, one roof and shingle selection may be more appropriate than others and roofers Coeur d’ Alene can help their customers arrive at the best decision. Regardless of whether the shingles are being installed on a new home that is currently under construction or an older home is being re-shingled, the shingles will add considerably to the beauty, value and integrity of the house.

The shingle type that is most common is a composition shingle which is made from asphalt and fiberglass. The outer surface of the shingle is covered with small beads of colored material. These types of shingles are popular for a number of reasons; they are by far the cheapest shingle available for use on a dwelling, they are extremely water resistant, they are resistant to fire and they come in a wide variety of colors. The most common colors are variations on green, brown, blue, black and gray; with the choices available the homeowner is bound to find a shingle that blends with the home or even the neighborhood where an even appearance is expected.

There are also natural materials which are ideal as roofing materials. Slate and cedar are often used although these materials are more difficult to install and more expensive to purchase, although they are thought by many to be more elegant. Although they are costly they do have certain advantages over other materials; they are resistant to insect infestation and particularity in the case of slate, there is less of a chance for the roof to fail under the weight of heavy snow because the roof structure is heavier to carry the extra weight. Both slate and cedar are extremely durable, long lasting and very beautiful.

In some areas of the country tiles are used as a roofing material. Many homes that are inspired by the Mediterranean look use terracotta roof tiles but tiles are not restricted to these types of homes at all. A tile roof is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as it acts like a regulator, making it ideal for use on any home.

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