Apr 11, 2014

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Different types of bath exhaust fans

Bath exhaust fans serve a number of valuable functions including the elimination of odors and moisture from the air in the room. There are a number of different bath exhaust fans available today, most are mounted on the ceiling of the bathroom but this not have to be the case, there are models which are installed away from the bath completely. Although the core objective is to exhaust the air from the bathroom, these fans are available with other features that add value to the installation.

Bath exhaust fans are by tradition, installed in the ceiling of the room, the typical unit is a combination of vent and fan in a common unit. As the fan runs, it draws the air through the fan including the odors and moisture, this is then deposited outside. It is very important to eliminate moisture as this is the beginnings of mold and moisture problems.

There are a number of ways to energize the electrical supply to the fan. Most people prefer to have a separate swath installed alongside the switch for the bathroom lighting. This is preferable as it is not always necessary to have the fan running even though the bath may be occupied, thus saving electricity. Another common method is to have the lights and fan wired to a common switch, when the switch is flipped on; both the lights and the fan come on. There are other bath fans that are actuated by a pull switch which is an integral component of the fan.

There are situations where there is insufficient head room to install a ceiling fan, in these cases a remote fan is the solution. These types of fans are placed in existing ducting; vents are then cut into the ceiling which are connected to the fan via ducts. These fans are also considerably quieter than ceiling fans but are more difficult to install.

Bath exhaust fans are often fitted with a night light, a full light or even a heater. The lights normally work in conjunction with the fan whereas the night light and heater run independently. Having a heater as part of the fan can make for a very comfortable bathroom on those mornings where there is a chill in the air and the house is a bit drafty.


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