Nov 29, 2011

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Different Types of Alternative Medicine

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 38%of adults and 12% of children in the United States use some form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). This reflects an increase of 5% over a five-year period, from 2002 to 2007. The popularity of these nonconventional treatment methods is attributed to its relative safety and reliability. While conventional medicine remains the primary approach in health, a lot of doctors are recommending complementary medicine as well. Alternative Medicine in Rockville is no different. There are a lot of different types of such alternative treatments available for residents of Rockville.

Practitioners of complementary medicine provide people suffering from various health conditions with a number of selections. These treatment options have a long history that dates back to more than a thousand of year. They have been used by ancient cultures from different parts of the world. At present, these health practices are used in conjunction with modern medicine. Alternative medicine has retained the core elements of ancient medicine but has even been improved through scientific research.

Alternative medicine in Rockville ranges from acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathy, allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, Native American healing practices, meditation and naturopathic medicine. These ancient healing practices, originating from different ancient cultures, are designed for the holistic cure of the individual. Most of these treatments intend to cure the person from within. It aims to maintain the balance between the mind, body and spirit.

There are also other controversial healing techniques such as magnetic therapy which uses magnetic force to cure injuries and other diseases. The magnetic therapy believes that the body is comprised of electro magnetic energies and that pain and diseases are caused by an alteration in the body’s magnetic fields. To restore health, magnets are run all over the body to align these energies. The negative pole of the magnet is used for this purpose. While this particular alternative medicine remains polemic, there are a lot of other therapies widely accepted by mainstream medicine.

Complementary therapies that are based in biology, such as those that advocate healthy foods, food habits, herbs and healthy lifestyle are often used by doctors to treat their patients. Other therapies such as massage therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, rolfing and osteopathy are also accepted by mainstream medicine. Such therapies have shown positive results on patients. In fact, there a lot of studies that proves their efficacy in treating minor as well major ailments. Much like in any other places around the world, Alternative medicine in Rockville is expected to become a sound option for people who are suffering from different health conditions. The different types of therapies are intended for specific illnesses. With proper application and training of providers, these nonconventional treatments can really provide positive health benefits for people.



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