Different options for RV storage

At the end of the summer season many owners of recreational vehicles store them for the winter, bringing them back out the following spring. There are a number of different options for RV and car storage in Naperville, some of which are better for certain vehicles or trailers. The two primary options are open storage or covered storage which can be a completely enclosed garage or a simple carport. In the event neither of these options is available the next best solution is to encase the vehicle in a large tarpaulin. If the owner of the vehicle does not have sufficient space on his property there are many storage lots available. In most cases these privately owned storage facilities are secured, some even allow for power hookups although this is usually only a requirement when the vehicle is being stored for a short time.

Of course the simplest and least expensive place for RV or car storage in Naperville is on the owner’s property. Many owners cover the vehicle during the winter with a simple tarp but there are special slip-on covers readily available for RVs of different lengths and different model cars. In the case of an RV slip-on cover many of them have a zippered hatch which allows the owner to gain access to the vehicle without having to remove the cover.

Some owners will actually construct a purpose built shelter for their vehicle; either a complete garage or an open air carport. As the RV is quite large, building a shelter on private property can be problematic, especially if the home is in a subdivision. In many jurisdictions it is against by-laws to park an RV in a residential area and even in areas where parking the vehicle is legal, building a large shelter is not.

There is little doubt in the mind of most owners that the best solution is to rent space at a facility that is set up purposefully for RV and car storage in Naperville. These spaces can be rented for any length of time, many owners rent it all year every year and even during the camping season they park the vehicle there rather than on their own property. There is always a concern about possible vandalism if the lot is unsecured but most of the better storage facilities are fenced in completely and have CCTV and in many cases security guards are assigned to keep watch at night.

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