Different effective cesspool treatments

For people who have homes that are not connected to the municipal sanitary sewer system they are forced to use a cesspool and drainage field to treat their waste. Because having a healthy sewage system is necessary to ensure the health of the residents, cesspool maintenance on Long Island is essential. There are a number of treatments; perhaps the most important is to have the cesspool pumped regularly by a qualified contractor. As important as this is there are alternative treatments which include the addition of biological agents which are designed to introduce “good bacteria” into your system.

Proper management and cesspool maintenance on Long Island requires knowledge on how the system works, where the entry portal is located and the type of soil that is in the drainage field. The entire septic system is made up of a cesspool and drain pipes. When water from the toilets and sinks as well as showers, dish washers, clothes washers flows into the system it first enters the cesspool. Any solid waste will sink to the bottom of the tank while the liquid flows out into the drain field. The solid material that sinks to the bottom of the tank is called sludge. A drain field is made up of multiple trenches dug in the yard; these trenches are lined with a layer of gravel or sand to carry perforated pipes. The water leaks into the sand and gravel through the perforations and is organically treated. Microorganisms in the soil break down bacteria and viruses; to keep this system working properly it means that treatment is necessary.

Proper cesspool maintenance on Long Island is usually the best cesspool treatment. The homeowner can keep an eye on the tank and the drain field, determining when it’s time to pump the tank. The frequency of pumping is dependent on a few factors; the size of the tank in gallons, the amount of waste that goes through the system and the ratio of solids to liquid in the waste. If the tank is subjected to considerable sold waste then more frequent pumping will be necessary as the sludge will build up, reducing the effective tank capacity.

Prevention is also an important part of cesspool maintenance in Long Island    . It is recommended that the garbage disposal be used sparingly, attempting to minimize water usage and spreading out the use of water over several days instead of little water one day and lots the next. Some commercial cleansers have the tendency to kill off the good bacteria so using mild detergent or baking soda for cleaning is an excellent idea.

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