Sep 28, 2017

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Differences Between Urban and Suburban Luxury Condominiums

Differences Between Urban and Suburban Luxury Condominiums

Luxury condominiums are a rising form of housing for Americas affluent. The issues involved with owning a house turn off some people, who would like to live in comfort and luxury without the hassle involved with maintaining a property. As a result, all over the country, more and more luxury condominiums are being built, so your options are varied when choosing the perfect condo for you. Condominiums are available in both urban centers and the suburbs, and, as it turns out, each is a distinctly different place to live.

Urban Condominiums

In cities, luxury condominiums basically resemble really nice apartment buildings. The condos themselves are larger than average apartments in the city, but not significantly, as space in urban centers is a huge commodity. They are usually located in the best spots for views in the city, so luxury condominiums in NYC might look out over the park, or the east river, but rarely at a brick wall. The amenities for such buildings are not insignificant, but they are by necessity what can fit in the building. Expect a state of the art gym, squash courts, a smaller indoor pool, that sort of thing. Security in these buildings is handled by doormen who will not allow anyone up who is not a resident or a guest.

Suburban Condominiums

In suburban and rural luxury condominiums, the layout is very different. The units will still be attached to each other, but in a lower, more sprawling manner, rarely stacked on top of each other, and definitely not more than a couple stories high. They are also located in beautiful areas, like along rivers or at the ocean. These communities usually have even better facilities, like tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, even private golf courses in some cases. Expect a larger pool, probably a hot tub, maybe even a steam room. The security in these condominiums is handled by security guards in a gatehouse, who check every car coming into the lot.

Different sort of condominiums appeal to different people at different times in their life. If you are interested in a vibrant nightlife, and you want to be able to live in a population center, then you would probably prefer an urban condominium. However, if your idea of comfort involves wide open fields, days by the pool in the sun, and a quiet home to live in free from distractions, then you might prefer a luxury condo in the suburbs. For more information, visit 252 East 57th.

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