Feb 16, 2015

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Differences Between Independent and Dealership Car Services in Nashville

There are differences between independent repair shops and dealership Car Services in Nashville. Most people think dealerships will charge more money for repairs, but that is not necessarily the case. Pricing depends on volume, quality of parts and technician experience wherever you go to get repairs and services completed. Larger independent repair shops or national franchises can charge less money due to volume. The same economic principles apply to dealerships as well. A larger dealership can charge less than a smaller dealership due to volume. A repair shop will have a range of parts they use from high-end to generic. Your choice of parts dictates the total cost of the repairs. Dealerships will usually use specific parts manufactured for the make and model of vehicles they sell, however, you can request general parts be used to cut the cost of the repair or service. Some dealerships will do that and some only use specific parts, so be sure to ask about that before scheduling any work.

Another difference is who does the work on your car. A dealership will have factory certified technicians doing the repairs on vehicles. An independent repair shop will have trained and/or certified technicians as well, just not from the factory that made your vehicle in the first place. If that matters to you, then the dealership is your best option. You can ask places about the experience and certifications of their mechanics and then decide where to take your vehicle. A dealership may have factory certified people, but the local repair shop may have mechanics with more experience, so which would you prefer? Your decision may or may not effect the overall cost of the work, so ask for an estimate.

Many places offer Car Services in Nashville, including maintenance and protection plans. Dealership plans tend to be more inclusive, whether you purchase a new model year or a used car. Plans such as key/remote protection, extended warranty protection packages, and wheel and tire protection will cover the vehicle in all US territories and Canada, for example. Most repair shops cannot offer service coverage in Canada. Labor charges and sales tax are other inclusions in some dealership plans that you will not find in repair shop protection plans.

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