Diesel Exhaust Fumes Have Been Connected to Cancer and Other Illnesses

The World Health Organization has now confirmed that diesel exhaust emission fumes contain particulate matter that can cause cancer. Those who might be most affected from breathing diesel exhaust fumes are truck drivers, mechanics, railroad workers, heavy equipment operators and even people who live next to highways.

Diesel Emissions Health Concerns

Diesel fuel emission particulates consist of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and other toxic metals and gasses. They’ve been linked to asthma, heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and stomach cancer. One report from the Clean Air Task Force in Boston shows that about 21,000 people die every year as a result of exposure to diesel exhaust emissions. There are also indications that the emissions might also cause permanent damage to the central nervous system.

A Complex Legal Analysis

If you believe that you are suffering from a health condition that was brought on by diesel exhaust fumes, or you lost a family member as a result of such an illness, you might have a legal basis for a diesel exhaust lawsuit. The legal analysis involved in diesel emissions claims is complex. A diesel exhaust lawsuit lawyer can guide you in your investigation of an appropriate legal case.

Diesel Injury Law in Chicago is committed to helping those who have suffered from diesel exhaust fumes exposure. We also represent the families of those who died from health conditions that were caused by such exposure. To arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation on a possible diesel exhaust lawsuit, call us at 312-877-5588, or use our online contact.

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