Aug 27, 2014

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Diamond Bands Aren’t Just For Weddings

Diamonds are extremely popular on wedding bands and engagement rings but consumers forget that they are not limited to these events only. There is a variety of styles and settings that can be for several other occasions, such as vow renewals, anniversaries, to celebrate the birth of a child, or the celebration of a promise or other commitment. If you want to say “forever” in any situation, diamond bands are the perfect way to say it.

The Diamond Occasion
How do you know if the occasion is one that you should celebrate with diamonds? You want to make a statement but you may not know if it’s the right one. There are several occasions that are popular with diamonds, though, so if yours is one of them then it’s a good idea. In the end, go with your gut! If diamonds seem like the right choice, celebrate with them.

  • Your wedding anniversary is a great time to shower your spouse with diamonds and a new diamond band or a diamond eternity ring to compliment the one that you exchanged on your wedding day is a perfect choice.
  • A promise ring doesn’t have to be a single diamond set in a plain band. Diamond bands can make the same statement and, since they come in several different styles, can be simple or extravagant according to what your significant other would like.
  • When you renew your vows, get a new wedding band to celebrate that next step in your lives.
  • Set a birthstone in with the diamond band that you give your spouse to celebrate the birth of a child. You can add more later for the births of other children in the future as well.
  • Give Mom a diamond band with your birthstone or the birthstones of yourself and your siblings set in with the diamonds for a special Mothers’ Day gift.

Settings and Metals
There are several ways that diamonds may be set into diamond bands and different metals that they can be set into. Look for a combination that suits your significant other or the recipient of the band. The styles suit men and women so you can choose matching bands or ones that are unique to your separate styles. Whether you choose yellow gold, silver, platinum, white gold, rose gold, or any other metal, the band will have an elegance with diamonds set into it instead of set outside the band. The combinations and possibilities are endless so you’ll be sure to find something that suits you!

Shop Wisely
When you’re looking for your diamond band, make sure that you look for quality. This ring could be something that you pass down through generations so you’ll want it to last. Do your research and talk to the jeweler before you buy, to ensure that you’re getting the best quality that you can find.

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