Jan 13, 2015

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Developing iPhone applications for beginners

There are many closet iPhone application developers but most shy away from trying their hand at creating an actual app. However, in what is good news for beginners, Apple has recently come up with Swift, a pioneering programming language dedicated solely to the creation of cutting edge iPhone apps. Earlier, individuals would be required to have a good grasp of Objective-C for creating their own apps. However, Swift prevents all such obstacles with its easy to master format. Beginners are highly advised to try Swift especially those with no previous experience in programming. This language is quite easy to learn and absorb and hence worth the try!

Most beginners pay the price for giving up too early before actually making the transition towards being iPhone application developers in their own right. Objective-C may feel really tough as there are multiple difficult symbols and characters that may be problematic to understand and remember at the very beginning. There are multiple instances of amateurs giving up while using Objective-C to build their dream apps. Swift provides a seamless writing and reading solution and there are negligible entry barriers as well. In Swift, you will find a comprehensive introduction to all the materials and tools that you need. This will give you a proper orientation of the suitable resources to be tapped for development on the iOS platform.

You will also be given a guided tutorial as far as Xcode 6 is concerned. This will help you get a feel of the entire development ecosystem crucial for giving your idea an actual shape of its own. Learning Xcode 6 is imperative for building cutting edge apps on iOS. In addition, you will be able to experience the Auto layout feature for the creation of user interfaces. This will definitely make things easier for you with regard to creating the app interface while the tutorials on classes, methods, object oriented programming and commonly used objects will be of great help too!

Budding iPhone application developers will also appreciate the UI Kit tutorial in addition to information on other programming essentials of Swift. You should also learn the steps towards displaying and adding images to your Xcode 6 project and subsequently your application. You will also be provided information on multiple image sizes, resolutions and specific requirements for retina displays. All in all, Swift provides fabulous resources for app developers without any prior experience and is a sheer treat to experience and learn.

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