Determining Whether or Not You Need Flood Insurance

When you purchase home insurance, The Prescott AZ insurance brokers can help you determine if your home lies in a flood prone area. Common flood areas include homes that reside miles from a coast line, homes in low lying areas, and homes located near large lakes and river that are prone to constant flooding. Flood insurance is often mandatory when a home exists in a known flood zone, but other homeowners have a choice of choosing whether or not they’d like flood insurance.

Why You Need Flood Insurance If You Have Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners assume that a regular homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage from a flood, but it doesn’t. A regular policy will cover damage from a flood as the result of busted pipes or an overflowing toilet, but it doesn’t cover floods from natural disasters. In order to have coverage from a flood as the result of a natural disaster, you need more than a regular policy of Home Insurance agents can help you choose the best flood policy based on the risk of your home flooding.

Why You Need Flood Insurance When Not in a Flood Area

It’s been said that unless your home is in a desert with little annual rainfall, then you need flood insurance. Floods can occur from heavy rainfall, causing areas that aren’t anywhere near a river or ocean to suddenly have standing water in the streets and rushing into homes. If an area has consistent rainfall for a few weeks and then an extremely heavy rainfall, the already saturated ground may not soak up the extra rain, causing flooding. Even small creeks can become flooded and cause damage in residential areas.

Since no one can predict when an area will flood, it’s a good idea to add a flood policy to your flood insurance in Prescott AZ. Floods can damage everything you own, so it’s better to have the protection than need to go into debt trying to replace your belongings.

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