Jan 19, 2016

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Determining When Air Conditioning Installation Bristol CT Is Necessary

When someone uses air conditioning in their home, they will need to learn maintenance steps to help keep it in the best of condition. If these steps are not taken, the air conditioning system can suffer from irreparable damage. This would lead to the necessity of an Air Conditioning Installation Bristol CT.

At the end of each summer, the air conditioning system should be completely cleaned out in anticipation of storage. The first portion to tend to is the condenser. This is the large piece located outdoors along an exterior wall of the home. The homeowner should turn off the power to the air conditioner before starting their procedure. There will be a plug along this wall as well. If it cannot be located, the unit can be turned off at the main circuit panel instead.

To clean the condenser, the homeowner should remove the cover and use a shop vacuum to remove debris. A soft-bristled brush attachment would work best as it will be gentle on the fins inside the condenser. If a fin bends, a comb can be used to straighten it. The fan should be wiped down with a mild detergent to remove any dust. The condenser should be covered throughout the winter to keep pests and precipitation away from the mechanisms inside.

The evaporator portion would need to be tended to next. This is often enclosed making it necessary for a service dealing with Air Conditioning Installation Bristol CT to come to the home to clean the coils. If they are exposed, the homeowner can use a shop vacuum to clean the coils in the same way they had with the condenser. The tubing going from the evaporator to the water pump should be removed and cleaned out in a sink full of warm water. This will remove any algae from inside the tube. A hairdryer can then be used to dry the interior of the tube before it is replaced.

When someone believes their maintenance steps are no longer beneficial, they can call a service that does Air Conditioning Installation Bristol CT to do an evaluation of the system. A company like James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & AC in Bristol CT will determine if the air conditioning system needs repairing or if a new system should be installed.

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