Mar 4, 2014

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Determining The Best Pheromones For Men

There are a lot of different brands, companies and manufacturers offer products that report to be the best pheromones for men to wear and use to attract women. However, it is not one single pheromone that is ideal, instead it is a combination of pheromones that is most complete in attracting women.

Determine that best pheromones for men starts with learning a bit about what each pheromone actually does when it is perceived by the female. Keep in mind that all pheromones are produced in the body and then released through the skin into the air. These small little chemical molecules are then inhaled and, through a sense organ in the nose known as a vomeronasal organ, create a message. This message is then transferred to the brain and stimulates a sexual arousal response in women.

Different companies will promote specific options as the best pheromones for men. Instead, a combination of the following should be considered as the most effective option for stimulating sexual arousal and responses, increasing confidence, boosting levels of trust and increasing the desirability of the wearer to those of the opposite gender.

Copulin Pheromones

This may seem unusual at first glance but the best pheromones for men actually contain the female pheromone of copulin. This is the pheromone released by women that are ovulating. By using a small amount of copulin with male pheromones women instinctively understand that the male has been with a fertile female and is therefore highly desirable.

Androstenone Pheromones

This is typically considered one of the very best pheromones for men as it is directly related to being perceived as the alpha male. It is the pheromone that the leader releases that lets everyone know that they are in control, on top of the situation, and very much in command. It is highly attractive for women and, while not showing dominance or aggression, gives women that feeling of being protected, secure and highly attracted on a physical level.

Androstenol Pheromones

Androstenol is one of the best pheromones for men for creating those feelings of trust and openness that are so important to women. It is seen as the pheromone that is more about compassion and love as opposed to raw sexual appeal. In combination with androstenone and copulin it provides a full appeal to women in a way that is both indescribable as well as powerful.

Finding the best pheromones for men in one product isn’t impossible, but you will have to look around. Use only a reputable website that provides secure and safe options for online purchases. Our products are all designed to combine the best pheromones for men for sexual attraction, confidence and trust.

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