Sep 15, 2016

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Determining if a water pipe has broken under a slab

Determining if a water pipe has broken under a slab

Many homes are built on a concrete slab rather than a foundation. If the home is built on a foundation, it is easy to locate and repair a leak in one of the pipes; this however, is not the case when the house is constructed on a solid concrete slab.

It may take some time for the homeowner to realize there even is a problem, water from the leak will first permeate the ground and until the soil can no longer absorb any water, the leak will go unnoticed. One of the first things that might indicate that there are slab leaks in Oklahoma City is a significant increase in your water bill. The water bill will increase if the leak under the slab is in a cold water pipe, if it is a hot water pipe chances are it will be a significant increase in the gas or electric bill, whatever is used to heat water.

There are a number of signs that indicate slab leaks in Oklahoma City:

* Water consumption increase for no apparent reason or water heater running more often than usual

* Finding a spot on the floor that is warm

* Finding a wet spot on the floor or the floor feels “spongy” as you walk on it

* The sound of running water when all water appliances are shut off

* Cracks in the floor or walls

Finding the leak:

It is not easy to find slab leaks in Oklahoma City; it can take even the most skilled plumbing professional an inordinate amount of time to pinpoint it. Seeing a wet spot is one thing, finding out where the leak is located is altogether different. Water can travel through the gravel and sub-soil, the problem may be one place but the evidence is somewhere else. Professionals usually are well equipped with electronic leak detectors that can quickly locate the source and repairs can be done either by repairing the broken pipe or rerouting it.

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