Details To Keep In Mind About Using Needles For Piercing And Cleaning Your Tools

If you perform piercings for other people or for yourself, you likely know that there are a few different options regarding the tools that can be used. Since piercing needles are a bit sharper than a gun, these are often the best option to consider. The hollow and sharp design will allow you to complete the piercing with precision and in a fluid manner. You can also better control a needle compared to a gun. Here are a few techniques to consider when using these tools for piercing.


When you’re using piercing needles, you need to make sure you use the right size for the area of the body. A smaller needle is often better to use for ear piercings compared to a longer needle for a belly ring.


Sometimes, a curved needle is an option to consider for various types of ear piercings. Keep in mind that it needs to be handled with care because the design can sometimes get caught on hair or jewelry that is in the same area as where the piering is being performed.


Always keep the needles that are used as clean as possible. It would be ideal to use a clean needle each time you perform a piercing, but if you are unable to do so, then sterilizing each needle should be completed. Boiling the needles in water is an option if you want to sterilize several at one time. You can also use an antiseptic lotion if you need to quickly clean your tools.

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