Jan 28, 2016

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Destiny Community Church: Become a Part of the Family

Destiny Community Church: Become a Part of the Family

A church should be more than just a place to go on a Sunday morning. Worship services are important but just as important is the sense of community it encourages between its members. A church family should be a source of comfort and enjoyment, and the church should be a place where people feel loved and accepted when they walk through the door. There has been an increase in the services many churches are offering, because they understand the challenging circumstances many of their members are dealing with every day.

Recreational activities give members the chance to meet and socialize in a relaxed and fun way. Destiny Community Church offers exciting events throughout the year. These include special events, holiday celebrations and much more. People are able to laugh together, celebrate and learn more about each other. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to meet new friends who share similar beliefs as their own, while they are also enjoying themselves in a family-friendly, safe atmosphere.

Health, wellness are important factors to a happy, blessed life. This is why compassionate churches are offering more events and programs that add to this facet of life. Health and wellness screenings protect the congregation by letting them know when they should be concerned, and where they can find care. These screening services are often free, so they are a wonderful opportunity for those who are living on a restricted budget.

Educational opportunities within a church teach members about the Bible, God and how to be a better person. They are there to show children how to stay true to their faith even under intense peer pressure. There are additional programs that can answer questions about Biblical teachings that may not be able to be clearly explained under the time constraints of a weekly sermon.

Finally, places like Destiny Community Church teach about charity. They accomplish this by encouraging their members to become involved in important causes the church organizes. Feeding the poor, working with at-risk teens and numerous other opportunities to do something for others. Browse Wolhawaii.com to learn more about how to become involved in something that has changed the lives of many. You can follow them on Twitter.

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