Despite Online Guides and Phone Apps, A Lawyer Is Your Best Bet When Applying for SSD Benefits

In an effort to make applying for Social Security Disability less confusing and difficult, multiple resources have been developed in order to help potential claimants know whether or not they are eligible for benefits and the likelihood of being approved. There are online charts discussing eligibility and there is even a smart phone app created by an advocacy group meant to help those who are disabled to navigate the often convoluted process of Social Security Disability. However, despite these available resources, residents of Altoona, PA, as well as the rest of Pennsylvania, may still want to consult with an attorney before applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Even if you have downloaded the app, which is supposed to provide easy-to-understand information regarding what benefits are available for certain disabilities and allows users to ascertain whether or not they are likely to be approved for benefits, once it is determined that you are a good candidate, the app still encourages you to then seek the advice of a Social Security attorney.

The reason for the attorney suggestion is two-fold. First of all, because no app could possible know or understand all of the particulars involved in any given case, the developers did not want users mistaking the information for legal advice and therefore encourages them to check with a Social Security lawyer to confirm whether or not there is eligibility to apply. However, the second reason is that even when you truly are eligible to receive benefits, there is a good chance that your application will be denied the first time through, as the majority of first-time applications are. Having a Social Security lawyer in Altoona, PA to review your application, however, increases the chances of it being approved.

Because the application process can be so difficult, having an attorney that can help you ensures that your application will be filled out accurately and completely. In addition, your attorney has the experience and background necessary to know what supporting documentation may be required and how to submit it in the best fashion. Having a Social Security attorney’s assistance can help you to avoid the frustration of knowing that you are eligible for and deserving of benefits, but being denied because of a mistake or an omission on your application.

If you plan to file for Social Security Disability benefits in Altoona, PA, you will have a better chance of getting approved or of winning an appeal if your application has already been denied, if you have a Social Security lawyer assisting you in your efforts.

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