Jan 25, 2016

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Designing the Perfect Custom Made Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

Designing the Perfect Custom Made Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

There are many important steps to planning a wedding. One of the most important steps is planning the proposal and engagement. A great deal of thought and care goes into planning when, where, and how to pop the question, and the choice of the ring is a decision that will last for a lifetime. You want to choose a ring that she will cherish as you cherish her. She will love any ring you choose for her because she knows it was selected with love and care, but you want to make the choice a great one. This desire for greatness leads many people to choose a customized engagement ring for their mate. For these reasons, custom engagement rings are a rapidly expanding trend.

A custom made engagement rings are unique in every way because they are designed with the individual characteristics of the wearer in mind. Knowing that her ring is completely unique, individual, and made especially for her makes it worth every second spent to create the perfect ring for that perfect person. A customized design is tailored to her personality and lifestyle. It signifies your love for her and complements her elegance and personal style like no ready-made ring could. It’s a special choice that was designed especially for that one person and no one else.

Planning a custom engagement ring is a big project and can be intimidating. If possible, give the jeweler an opportunity to meet the woman who will receive the custom engagement ring. This will help the designer get a sense of the likes, dislikes and personality of the woman he’s making the ring for. Take your intended shopping and give her the opportunity to point out jewelry that she likes or dislikes so you can get some ideas about what she has in mind. Ask her friends, mother or sisters what she likes. They can be a wealth of information. Most importantly, pick an experienced and well-reviewed jeweler. Ask your friends about their experiences buying and engagement ring. Look online and seek out jewelers that specialize in custom engagement rings. Interview individual jewelers and ask about their process. Will you see it in phases before it’s complete? Will you have the opportunity to make changes?

The most important decision is the selection of the custom jeweler who will make your ring. Choose someone experienced who answers your questions completely and patiently, someone with whom you feel relaxed and comfortable. Experience and ability to communicate effectively are two very important characteristics for a skilled and trustworthy jeweler. The end result will make all the care you take selecting your jeweler worthwhile. Your loved one will have a deeply treasured engagement ring that reflects the power and depth of your love, and your appreciation of her uniqueness.

Custom Made Engagement Rings offer uniqueness to the proposal and the marriage that follows. Contact us for unique custom designed jewelry.

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