Designate a driver – Don’t drive under the influence

Despite huge efforts by both the media and governments worldwide the problem of DUI or driving under the influence refuses to go away. For decades the problem has brought heartbreak and misery to millions. What starts out as a bit of fun can very quickly turn into a matter of life and death. So why do people still do it? It seems that people driving under the influence of drink or drugs simply don’t understand the dangers that they are putting themselves and others in. A person does not have to be totally inebriated in order to be classed as DUI. Even having one drink can cause a person to be unfit to drive. So what can you do to prevent yourself falling foul of a DUI charge? There is a simple solution.

Don’t take a risk and spoil your celebration

Every single one of us likes to attend social events and enjoy themselves; be it a birthday, a wedding or a family reunion, events like these tend to go hand in hand with the consumption of alcohol. It is easy to forget how much one has had to drink and dismiss the dangers of DUI with a simple shrug of the shoulders. It does not have to be that way. By designating a driver for the evening and taking it in turns to be that designated driver at social events, the accidents that happen on our roads because of DUI drivers can be almost eradicated. Recent surveys suggest that the message is getting through slowly with over seventy five thousand Americans taking part in a designated driver rota system.

Choose a ‘designated driver’

The benefits of designating a driver for the evening are plain to see. The concept prevents friends and family serving prison sentences, paying huge fines and losing their driving licenses. However that is only a small part of it. Designated drivers are actually saving thousands of lives or serious injuries each year on the countries roads. The designated driver concept is so simple, very easy to implement and does not cost anything to participate in.

Every year in Pennsylvania hundreds of people are killed on the roads due to a driver having alcohol in their system. By implementing a designated driver concept into your family or circle of friends you will ensure that it will be a quiet year for every DUI lawyer in Allentown, Bethlehem and indeed the entire state of Pennsylvania. When measured against the damage DUI can cause, being a designated driver for one social event in half a dozen seems a reasonable trade. Implement the designated driver system now and make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Sigmon and Sigmon, P.C, are an experienced DUI lawyer in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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