Jun 11, 2015

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Dentists in Anne Arundel Use New Technology to Reduce Patient Discomfort

Dentists in Anne Arundel Use New Technology to Reduce Patient Discomfort

Many people are afraid to go to the dentist because they are afraid of experiencing pain. They even fear the shot that injects the local anesthetic into their gum. Dental patients usually have these fears, because of a previous painful experience. Unfortunately, this often keeps them from receiving needed dental care. They should search out Dentists in Anne Arundel that use new technologies to provide pain-free dental treatments. There is a new device called The Wand that allows the dentist to easily inject the anesthetic into the patient’s gum.

Most people think that the pain of injecting the local anesthetic is caused by the sharp needle. This isn’t the case. Most pain occurs when the anesthetic is pumped too quickly into the gum. While dentists can control the rate of the injection, even a minuscule error can cause discomfort. The Wand removes any chance of human error. The Wand looks like a plastic pen. The dentist even holds it in his hand like he would a pen. Dentists Anne Arundel simply hold the wand in the correct location and use a foot pedal to start the procedure. The pedal is connected to the computer that operates The Wand. In a short time, the patient receives the proper does of anesthetic at the correct rate.

Starting off a dental appointment without any pain, keeps the patient relaxed. The dentist can remove any dental decay and easily fill a cavity. The dentist will use a resin material to fill the hole left by the cavity. Resin comes in a variety of shades, and he can match it to the tooth enamel. This keeps the patient’s tooth as white and natural as possible. The resin material is also better for the tooth. Older patients may remember getting metal fillings. These just sat in the tooth and didn’t bond with the enamel. As a result, a small space remained between the filling and enamel. Eventually, bacteria could make their way below the filling, and the tooth, would need another repair. Resin fillings actually bond with the tooth so there is no space for bacteria to attack.

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