Mar 8, 2019

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Dentistry in Brookville, PA has Come a Long Way Over the Years

Dentistry in Brookville, PA has Come a Long Way Over the Years

Do you fear the dentist? Have you been putting off having your teeth cleaned or getting a cavity filled because you dread the need to do so? Your oral health should never be neglected, as it has an impact on your overall well being. Dentistry in Brookville PA has come a long way in a very short period and patients often find they had nothing to fear when they do finally make the appointment. Just how far has this industry come over the years?

The Earliest Evidence of Dental Practices

Dentistry is not a new field. Evidence has been uncovered that shows Egyptian skulls from around 2900 to 2750 BC may have had dental work carried out on them. Small holes have been found in the jaws of these skulls, and these holes are located in the area of the tooth’s roots. It is believed these holes were made to allow abscesses to drain. Furthermore, ancient Egyptian scrolls detail dental treatment around 1500 BC. Fortunately, numerous changes have been made over the centuries and individuals no longer need to worry about these ancient practices being used on them.

The Field of Dentistry Today

Dentists today benefit from advances in science. A patient may have x-rays taken without fear of being exposed to high levels of radiation, and lasers are now being employed to treat various dental issues. Furthermore, those patients who fear the dentist now find they benefit from several types of sedation dentistry. Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures, which have been around for centuries, and a patient may have surgery on their jaw to correct certain issues. Make an appointment today so the dentist can do a thorough examination and develop a treatment plan based on what is discovered during this exam.

Contact us to learn more about the history of dentistry in Brookville PA and across the world. Thanks to advances in technology, new treatments are becoming available every day. Individuals who fear the dentist, those who need extensive work done, and individuals requiring surgery will all find they may be able to have their dental work carried out without fear or excessive pain. It’s all a matter of learning what is currently available and how it may be of benefit to you. The first step is to call the office and make an appointment so do this today.

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