Dentistry For Children in Charleston Can Help Prevent Cavities

Cavities are one of the dental problems that most will suffer at some point in our lives, even if we lay out a good oral hygiene plan. Foods rich in sugar and starch are the main culprits that allow us to fall victim to cavities. This issue arises due to bacteria that remain in the mouth over time due to improper hygiene, thus becoming acid. This acid forms plaque, which slowly creates small holes in the teeth. These holes are commonly called cavities. Dentistry for children in Charleston, can ensure that your child’s oral hygiene is well taken care of throughout the year.

Those who have gone through the experience of having cavities removed knows it is a process that must be dealt with swiftly. If not, the result can be very painful, especially if the decay is not treated in time. When this happens, it can potentially generate further damage to the tooth, often affecting the nerve and causing the partial or total removal of the affected tooth. The only way to prevent this issue is to brush your teeth regularly (and properly) and to visit your dentist at least once, preferably twice a year for cleaning.

There are children who have good oral hygiene intentions, but do not know to how to properly brush their teeth. Unfortunately, if not done effectively, it does not remove any present plaque. Brushing your teeth after every meal is ideal for maintaining good oral health and preventing cavities. Otherwise, brushing twice daily after major meals like lunch or dinner is optimal. Brushing your child’s teeth should last at least two minutes. Dentistry for children in Charleston recommends using soft bristle brushes, as this will not hurt your child’s sensitive gums. Cleaning should be done well in both the top, bottom, outer and inner portions of the teeth.

To prevent tooth decay, especially in smaller children, parents should ideally reduce the consumption of sweet or starchy products. It is always good to schedule a checkup with the dentist at least once a year, if not every six months. With routine care, your child will prevent cavities and not have to worry about going through the torture of dental procedures. For more information, contact Charleston Smiles or visit today.

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