Oct 14, 2014

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Dental Procedures Carried Out By a Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer OR

The need for confidence while smiling has contributed to the popularity of cosmetic dentistry and invention of better techniques and tools to carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures. In case the look of your teeth has for long prevented you from having a confident smile, a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can help regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

However, before starting any dental procedure, it is important that you engage a cosmetic dentist to find out the possible risks and benefits of the process, the experience of the dentist. Also find out if you require carrying out special maintenance after the process.

Some of the procedures that a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR carries out include:

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth may be discolored or stained due to:

*   Taking too much tea, coffee or red wine
*   Chewing or smoking tobacco often
*   Accumulation of tartar on your teeth
  Consuming highly pigmented products such as blueberries and cherries

Your Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can use chemical processes to bleach your teeth through in-office procedure or offer products you can use at home depending on your convenience. In house whitening is convenient but takes longer to get results than in-office procedure. After teeth whitening, avoid taking the above substances and practice good oral hygiene to prevent the teeth from discoloring again.


These are porcelain or plastic custom-made shells that wrap the front part of your teeth to transform their shape or color giving them a superior appearance. They are fitted on teeth that:

*   Have poor shapes
*   Have permanent stains
*   Are worn out or chipped
  Have abnormal spaces
*   Are slightly crooked

Before installing the veneers, your dentist will first take your teeth impression, polish the teeth, apply the veneer and then harden the cemented veneer using a beam of light.


Bonding involves filling the gaps between teeth or changing the color of discolored teeth using white colored material to enhance the appearance of your teeth. If your teeth have some spaces between them, are broken, chipped, cracked or stained, a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR can do bonding within the first office visit. This is through application of an engraving liquid followed by a white colored material such as composite resins.

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