May 23, 2014

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Dental Network Assistance When You Need It

When a practice has dental network integration throughout, it’s no secret that it is able to run more efficiently. But selecting the right company to perform these installations is absolutely key, and there are a few things you’ll definitely want to look for. Most of these systems and software programs take a great deal of IT knowledge to effectively put in place, but it may be necessary for support and assistance down the line as well. Because of this, selecting an installer that is able and willing to provide ongoing support will be essential to the efficiency of your network.

Full Training
The software programs included with many dental network installations may take some time to get used to. The company who installs your software will generally provide your staff members with a tutorial on how to use these new tools and resources, ensuring that you don’t have to allot for an adjustment period during regular business hours. By giving your employees this valuable insight, you’ll immediately start seeing the benefits of upgrading your existing network.

Things Happen
When it comes to technology and resources like dental network systems, truly anything can happen. A simply power outage may reset a few things and suddenly your entire staff is unsure of how to get back up and running. When choosing a network installation professional, ensure that they are willing to provide ongoing support – even if it’s just over the phone – should situations like this arise. When your network goes down due to issues beyond your control, you’ll be glad that you’re able to get help instead of simply telling customers they’ll have to reschedule their appointments.

Increased Efficiency
When you have a network that supports all of the things your practice needs to be productive, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make on day-to-day efficiency. On top of that, when your staff knows they have a knowledgeable IT professional to call if they run into an issue, it removes an area of concern in the business. By making the choice to upgrade your practice’s network, you’ll essentially be creating a more harmonious and efficient work environment for the employees who strive to keep you ahead of the competition.

Pact-One’s IT professionals can help your dental office upgrade and install all of the elements necessary to run a more technologically advanced practice. From digital x-ray machines to advanced security systems, there’s no element of dental technology they can’t cover. To learn more, visit and also watch Pact-One’s official video to see latest dental systems and technology.

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