Dental Implants in Smyrna TN Prove How Easy It Is

Cosmetic dentistry deals with repairing teeth and gums to create a more aesthetically-pleasing look. Many people dislike the look of their teeth because of color, shape, or missing teeth. These issues can be the result of disease, lack of care, or genetics. Whatever the case may be, many people think of cosmetic dentistry as a vain pursuit; they think that a good-looking smile is purely aesthetic. This is not entirely true. There are dozens of benefits of a set of full, healthy teeth beyond just appearances.


When you are eating food, especially tough meat or crunchy nuts, you might notice your missing teeth more than ever, especially if you are missing molars. These are the teeth used to help you tear meat. If your missing teeth make it difficult for you to chew, you are no longer dealing with a purely aesthetic issue; now your issue has become one that affects your overall health.

If you are not properly chewing your food, you could be putting yourself at risk of choking on un-chewed food, you could be risking digestive health difficulties, and you might be exposing yourself to bacteria. Food is chewed so that you can more easily swallow it and break it down to absorb its nutrients. If you are not fully chewing your food, then some of it could be stuck in the gap left by your missing teeth. Eventually, bacteria from your food could enter through your missing tooth and cause an infection of your gums or mouth.

Dental implants are part of a relatively routine procedure to replace missing teeth, whether it is one tooth or several. This can help you chew your food more fully.


Improperly chewed food is not the only risk of infection. When you introduce anything to your mouth, you run that risk. That could be something as simple as biting your nails or sneezing. Both of these can introduce bacteria into your mouth. Usually, they are not a very big deal; saliva has some antibacterial properties and the stomach kills a lot of microbes. If they enter your mouth through an empty socket though, you might have a problem.

There is no reason why you should not at least consider dental implants to replace your missing teeth. It is a relatively routine procedure that dentists are capable of performing fairly quickly. For example, some Smyrna dentists perform these procedures as often as twice a week. Dental implants in Smyrna TN constitute one of many examples of the routine nature of the procedure.

If you are unhappy with your smile, you might have considered replacing some of your missing teeth, but thought of it as a frivolous expense. Well, an empty socket can expose you to chewing problems, as well as put you at greater risk for gingivitis and other infections. Thus, it is not a purely aesthetic concern. Find more details.

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