Dental Crowns In Parker, CO Can Be The Perfect Solution

Missing, broken, painful teeth can be repaired with Dental Crowns In Parker, CO. Well-made dental crowns will look natural and preserve your natural teeth. Today’s crowns are built for durability and for aesthetics. There are some misconceptions about crowns that may prevent you from seeking this treatment option. Learning the facts can help you to make an informed decision when it comes to crowns and other choices.

What is a Crown?
A crown or cap is a dental prosthetic that replaces the upper part of a damaged tooth. The “crown” of your tooth is the upper region of your tooth that is above the gum line, it is the surface that you use to chew and it the surface that is mostly likely to become damaged from trauma or tooth disease. Cavities that are very deep are not easily repaired and can often leave the tooth in a weakened state, a crown can fix the problem.

Some Facts
A Dental Crown in Parker, CO does not technically replace your natural tooth, it is incorporated into your tooth using a post and a tooth shaped cap. This activity can actually save the structure of your natural tooth and help to prevent bone loss. Whenever your natural teeth can be preserved it is always the best option and crowns can do that nicely. Other things you need to know about crowns include:

  1. They are long lasting-in some cases 20 years
  2. They look and feel like natural teeth
  3. They are completely comfortable

Well-made crowns can last a long time with proper care. They look just like your natural teeth and are made to fit perfectly in your mouth. They will fit comfortably and feel natural in your mouth. The right service can help you replace missing or broken teeth with crowns. DLA is your source for dental crowns. For more information visit

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