Deltona FL Cremation Services Quickly Becoming The Acceptable Alternative

As the baby boomer generation continues to grow older, the question can’t help but crop up as to how to plan a funeral on an often restricted budget. Most cost-conscious adults don’t want to leave their children with a large funeral bill upon their death or eat up their entire life insurance benefits with the costs. One increasingly popular solution, and definitely an affordable solution is a Cremation Service Deltona FL. Costs typically run between $900 and $3,000, significantly lower than the typical full-service funeral which averages upwards of $10,000 these days.

Certainly cost is one of the largest reasons for the popularity of cremation, as seen by the sheer numbers of people turning to this form of final remains disposal. According to industry statistics, approximately 40% of Americans now choose cremation, a number up almost 30% from 10 years ago. As individuals can now compare providers, shopping among funeral homes before they actually need the service, an individual can find the most cost effective company to handle the service for them.

With a direct cremation, the family doesn’t have to worry about an embalming, formal viewing or the funeral itself. Only the essentials are included such as picking up the body, the required paperwork, the actual cremation and providing the ashes to the family. While urns can drive the price up a bit, individuals aren’t required to purchase one. A Cremation Service Deltona FL typically includes a sturdy cardboard box for the ashes, but you can often pick up a urn from a discount store for around $25. Some people have reported even using cookie jars for urns as a whimsical way to remember their loved one.

A Cremation Service Deltona FL doesn’t have to be a dull affair, with no personalization. In fact, many people take the remains and prepare a very personalized and often religious ceremony. Churches are increasingly adding gardens to their grounds just for the purpose of allowing members to spread their family’s remains. Other ways individuals dispose of their their family’s ashes include sprinkling them in the ocean, wooded areas, or burying them in the yard beside a family tree or bush. To receive advice on your affair or with your family’s situation, contact Four Towns Cremations. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve your needs. Click here for more information.

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