Dec 9, 2015

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Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in New Braunfels, TX For Neurological Disorders

Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in New Braunfels, TX For Neurological Disorders

Advances in medicine have yielded surprising results in the treatment of many diseases. Conditions that once wiped out whole towns are no longer a threat to many societies, and yet physicians are still looking for treatment advances for other ailments that afflict people. Many people suffering from neurological disorders tend to see limited options in treatments available to them. Some disorders like depression and epilepsy are treatable with the use of medications, but these medicines only calm the symptoms do not cure them. Some physicians have started to see results, however, with the use of Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in New Braunfels TX. This new technology is being used to help control or even block certain receptors in the brain to manage chronic neurological disorders.

Deep Brain Stimulation is the use of electricity, magnets, or implants that directly touch the brain to calm receptors and help them to function at an average level. This method is not to be confused with Electroconvulsive therapy that was a controversial method used to shock the brain at varying intervals to subdue patients, a method commonly practiced in sanitariums across the country in the 1930’s. Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in New Braunfels TX uses a method similar to methods used for nerve damage; it applies a tiny amount of electric waves to help stimulate the nerves and muscles to respond to commands from the brain. Many times a person suffering from conditions like mental illness, or epilepsy have receptors that are overactive while others have limited function.

Doctors are making many advances with the use of this method and have begun to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease with some success. Deep Brain Stimulation helps block the parts of the brain that coincide with individual muscle movements. People with Parkinson’s disease have no control over muscle movements and will shake or tremor involuntarily. Stimulating the brain can block these unwanted tremors and help them control some of the muscles movements. While it is not a cure, it is an advancement that many have been hoping for, and have a better quality of life with treatments.

Many neurologists are beginning to use this therapy method in their practices. To find a neurologist that uses Deep Brain Stimulation visit to discover how it can help with Neurological Disorders and to schedule an appointment.

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