Decorating Your Cakes With Ease Using A Turntable From NY Stores

Decorating a cake can be easier if you have the proper tools for the task, such as a cake turntable. This is a table that gently turns, allowing you to frost your cake in a smooth fashion instead of taking the time to turn a pan in multiple directions. Here are a few tips for using a turntable so that you get the best results for the cakes that you make for special events or to enjoy with your family. If you don’t want to invest in this tool, there are a few other easy ways that you can decorate your cakes without moving them around as much on a level surface.


Before you begin frosting your cake, you want to cut off the part on the top that is often in the shape of a dome. This is usually the area of the cake that rose higher than the rest of the batter while it was in the oven. Once you remove this piece, you’ll have a flat surface for frosting, allowing you to get the straight sides and top that you desire.

Secure Your Cake

Place a piece of cardboard on your cake turntable so that you can then apply a small amount of frosting in the center of the board. This can help to keep the cake from moving around while you’re decorating. If you don’t have a turntable, you can use the same technique by putting frosting in the center of a piece of cardboard that is on a counter or a table.


When you use your spatula or other tools for smoothing the frosting on your cake, you want to slowly turn the table as you glide over the surface. Avoid using a lot of frosting at one time as you might not be able to get the surface of your cake covered evenly.

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