Dec 24, 2013

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Decorating Tips for Bay Area Luxury Apartments

If you have purchased one of the gorgeous Bay area luxury apartments on the market you might benefit from a few decorating tips to make the most of your new home. Condo living requires a certain flare for design and knowing how to use your space wisely will give your home the high end look suited to your new luxurious surroundings.

Consider the Layout
Most Bay area luxury apartments have modern open concept layouts for a light and airy living space. Not everyone is familiar with the special design needs for open concept spaces. You want to make sure you have clearly defined areas including a living and entertaining space with comfortable seating as well as an entertainment unit for your television and electronics. If you are lucky you will have a state of the art kitchen with a counter space opening up to an area perfect for your dining table and chairs. You can also add a few stools in front of the counter as a breakfast space as well as somewhere guests can enjoy drinks while you cook.

Consider Proper Lighting
Lighting is the mood setter for Bay area luxury apartments so it is important to consider how you will be using each area of your open concept layout to plan where you require additional lighting. You want to have a chandelier installed above your dining table and the rule of thumb to follow is to hang it 30” to 34” from the top of your table. Consider adding floor lamps to flank your couch or behind a reading chair if space is limited. If you have an area where you will be using a computer add a lamp and consider mounting task lighting beneath upper cabinets in the kitchen.

Consider Comfortable Seating
You want to have seating configured logically to face the television as well as to allow for conversation when you are entertaining. Sectional sofas allow you the luxury of creating an intimate seating area perfect for chatting with family or friends as well as a place to snuggle up, read a book or lay back and enjoy a nap or a movie.

Regardless of the furniture you choose be certain you measure and keep in mind you will have to fit it into the elevator when it is delivered.

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