Deciding Between Family Practice and Pediatric Doctors in Jacksonville FL

Parents want to make the best decision with regards to who should care for their children. This includes both primary care visits and sick visits. The two main options available are family practice doctors and pediatric doctors in Jacksonville FL. Each has its pros and cons.

Pediatrician Pros

There are several benefits to taking children to see pediatric doctors in Jacksonville FL. First, while both family medicine and pediatric doctors have received training in how to care for children, a pediatrician has three years of specialty training just in treating children, while a family medicine doctor spends time learning about caring for older people as well and thus has less training in the problems specific to children. Pediatricians also treat only children, so they’re likely to have more experience dealing with children’s issues.

Family Medicine Pros

One of the main benefits of seeing a family medicine doctor in Jacksonville FL is that the same doctor can treat the whole family, making it easier to keep track of doctors’ appointments and potentially watch out for hereditary problems. The doctor can also see a child from birth through adulthood, so the child won’t have to find a new doctor when they get older as long as they’re still living in the same area. It can be easier to fit in everyone’s appointments when they’re all at the same place.

Pediatrician Cons

There aren’t many cons when it comes to choosing a pediatrician. The main ones are that the doctor won’t have the whole family’s medical records on hand at the touch of his fingertips and that the child will eventually have to switch doctors. Be sure to pass on information about any potential hereditary problems or illnesses to the doctor. Many children move away to go to college or for jobs once they get older anyway, which makes it so they would have to change doctors anyway, so this shouldn’t be a major consideration.

Family Medicine Cons

Family medicine practitioners may not be as well versed in dealing with problem children, and their offices may not be as entertaining for children as those of a pediatrician. They haven’t spent as much time studying the potential developmental problems of children either and may not pick up on these as quickly. Visit Avecina Medical at for more details.

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