Decades of Negotiation and Litigation in Child Custody Litigation

Child custody in Florida divorce or parentage cases involves the care, control and maintenance of one or more children of the parties to the proceeding. A parent might be awarded sole custody, or both parents might be awarded joint custody which is now known as shared parental responsibility. In what might be a best case scenario, Florida judges will order shared parental responsibility.

An Amicable Resolution

When a judge is attempting to make a well-reasoned decision on the best interest of one or more children in a divorce case, a wide range of factors are considered. Having a close and loving relationship with both of his or her parents ordinarily operates in a child’s best interests. That’s why it’s important for parents of children caught in the middle of family court proceedings to attempt to resolve outstanding issues amicably. If an agreement can’t be reached, mediation might be a viable option. Many difficult custody disputes are resolved on mediation.

When a Hearing is Required

There are times when mediation fails though, and that’s when a judge will be making the final custody decision. You’ll need the services of a respected child custody attorney Hollywood FL with substantial experience in aggressively and effectively pursuing your objectives in a child custody hearing.

For skilled negotiators and effective litigators, arrange for a consultation with a child custody attorney Hollywood FL with decades of relevant experience. Call us or visiting the website to arrange for a consultation on your child custody concerns.

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