Dec 18, 2013

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Dealing with Workers Compensation in Brainerd, MN

Anytime a person is hurt on the job, regardless of the duties being performing at the time of injury, are more than likely entitled to a workman’s comp claim. Benefits include; paid time off, medical coverage, surgery and rehabilitation. Workman’s compensation claims can be confusing to those not familiar with the serious nature of documentation, or policies and procedures that can make filing difficult Workers Compensation in Brainerd, MN specializes in BWC claims.

Prepare to maintain and share records such as injury date, case number, treatment dates and approval letters to avoid a claims denial. Workers Compensation in Brainerd, MN eliminates any such threat to a rightful claim, job security and wages, they commonly represents those injured on the job. Work related hazards vary in degrees of severity anytime you suffer a serious injury, it is prudent to seek the advice of an attorney specializing in the field or to evaluate your specific case.

Important facts to consider anytime an accident occurs on the job; make your co-workers and supervisor aware you have been hurt. Most employers will strongly suggest you go to urgent care or a medical center. It is common for the company to send you to one under the terms of their health insurance policy, at the time of the incident. You must complete an accident report before you receive medical treatment, keep a copy for yourself; you will need it when visiting the medical facility or doctor.

Proper details per the accident report provide you with the means to begin the proper worker’s comp billing protecting your physical and financial health at the first visit. The accident report assigns the particular injury, as outlined in the report, to a claim. It is for this reason important to be clear including all the details of the injury. Randomly assigned doctors or surgeons unfamiliar to you are not protocol; you may select your care provider after the first evaluation. Injured parties have control over their medical care and decisions. A representative handles approved claims; you may call on yours for claims status. Expect to receive many letters from BWC at home, save each of these, filling them away for safekeeping.


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