Jul 24, 2015

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Daylight Readable LCD – A New Name in Outdoor Advertising

Daylight Readable LCD – A New Name in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a cost effective and successful advertising media to advertise the brand to the public. Bill boards, posters, and hoardings on bus stops and streets have been an effective way to promoting products and services to large number of people. However, the traditional outdoor advertising media is starting to lose its effectiveness as people have become accustomed to them and rarely pay attention.

One way to catch attention of the public through outdoor advertising tools is to create controversial ads that force people to look at the promotional ads. However, there is even more safe way to capture attention of the people on the commute – LCD digital signage outdoors.

Overview of LCD Digital Signage Outdoors
Using LCD digital signage outdoors can allow you to create dynamic ads full of color and lively animation. The more engaging the imagery used in the digital signage, the more chance that people will look at the digital signage when passing by.

Placing big LCD screens outside will force people to look at the screen since most people have become accustomed to tuning into their TV screens. However, a problem with traditional digital signage is that they suffer from washed-out and faded colors in bright sunlight. In order to ensure that the LCD signage is visible in bright daylight and high ambient lighting conditions, you must select a Daylight Readable LCD.

Daylight Readable LCD is able to display the promotional video in all lighting conditions. These LCD digital signage are made using special technology that can illuminate the video even when the LCD is facing the sun or bring light conditions. The brightness of the daylight readable screen exceeds 1,000 units with high contrast ratios. This makes them appear many times brighter than conventional LCD screens.

You must note that there are different types of daylight readable LCD. You must select a daylight readable LCD that is suitable to display in all weather conditions. These LCD screens are completely sealed using IP65/NEMA4 standard and are water and dust proof from all angles. The monitors can withstand extreme cold and hot temperature from -44oF to 122oF. Purchasing an all-weather daylight readable LCD will ensure that you get maximum impact of the advertising with minimal effect of outdoor conditions.

In the end, if you want to display your brand or product prominently throughout the day and night, daylight readable LCD is the perfect solution for you. The digital signage looks sharp and bright in all lighting conditions; thereby, providing maximum impact of the advertising media. The daylight readable LCD is suitable in all kinds of bright light environments including shopping malls, stadiums, auditoriums, air ports, trade shows, and other location.

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