Aug 17, 2020

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Dangers Associated with Sleep Apnea in Macon, GA

Dangers Associated with Sleep Apnea in Macon, GA

Sleeping problems can occur in anyone’s life at any point, whether it is only for a single night or a couple of them or even when the problem turns to be a chronic issue in your life. One of the most important advantages of sleep is that it allows the body to rest, at the same time restoring the body and mind. Regrettably, sleep disorders are becoming quite common afflicting millions of individuals all over the globe denying them a chance to have a truly restful sleep. Insomnia is the most popular disorder and prevents one from sleeping. A Sleep Apnea Macon, GA sufferer has his or her throat blocked making them wake up frequently through the night. Sleep apnea presents more than the lack of sleep; it can also cause dangerous situations if not treated.

Any form of ailment that interrupts breathing is quite dangerous and sleep apnea snugly fits into that category. It causes the blocking of oxygen heading to the body and inadvertently causing an increase in carbon dioxide increasing your blood pressure, which can cause a few heart problems.

Sleep apnea is also known to cause anxiety and depression attacks in patients since the lack of sleep can cause one to be sleepy. A recent study carried out by a university research station revealed that glucose was made worse by sleep apnea. The condition was also found to be popular amongst individuals with type 2 diabetes.

When having issues with sleeping or staying asleep, one person who is considerably suffering along with you is your partner. This is because as you try to sleep, you tend to snore louder. With sleep apnea the snore is different as it causes you to stop breathing and awaken you and your partner with a very loud grunting sound that is quite irritating. This tends to happen often during the night causing your partner to lose sleep.

Another study showed that the lack of sleep caused by apnea tends to induce problems with your memory. Recent studies led to the realization that the lack of oxygen causes small mammillary bodies.

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