Mar 30, 2015

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Customizing Unique Engagement Rings for Your Fiancée

Customizing Unique Engagement Rings for Your Fiancée

When you’re in the market for an engagement ring, you will find many styles from which to choose. A traditional ring may suit some people, but if you want something extra special, consider buying a custom ring. Designing unique engagement rings helps fit the personalities of the women who will wear them and reflect the uniqueness of their relationships.

The Design Process

Most jewelers who make custom rings can do so from a design sketch or a picture of a ring you want to duplicate. Some ring designers may even sit down with you and ask questions about the type of ring that you want. They will draw some designs for unique engagement rings and then let you pick the one you want for your fiancée.

To help the designer get a mental picture of the type of ring you want, they will need information about your intended. They may ask:

1. About her occupation. If she works with her hands, they may design a ring with the diamond flush to the band so it isn’t caught in a machine.

2. The shape of her hands. To better showcase the ring, select it by considering the woman’s hand shape, not just the setting’s shape.

3. The shape of the diamond. You can search through the various diamond shapes to find one that you want placed on the custom setting.

4. The color of the diamond. People who buy unique engagement rings often opt for a colored diamond rather than a traditional clear one.

All of these questions will help give the jeweler insight into the woman who will wear the ring and help him or her come up with the perfect design.

Budget Concerns

When you are ready to buy a custom ring, the jeweler will also want to know your budget for the ring. Unique engagement rings can be very expensive, running into the tens of thousands of dollars. However, a jeweler can also create a custom ring for those who have smaller budgets.

Instead of a diamond, you could select a realistic looking cubic zirconia for the ring or you may wish to select a silver setting instead of a gold one to save money. There are many ways the jeweler can make your custom ring without bankrupting you.

Choosing the Ring

After the designer has come up with a few sketches, you will get to look at them and choose the ring that you think best suits your future wife. While it could be a hard decision, just think about what makes you love her and pick out one of the unique engagement rings the designer has sketched. When she sees the effort you put into buying the perfect ring, she may fall in love with you even more.

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