Oct 24, 2014

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Customized Internet Marketing for Charlotte Businesses

For many businesses, the customer’s first contact experience happens online. Consumers are increasingly shopping on the Internet for everyday items and even when the final purchase is made in a physical store, products are researched before even leaving the house. When your website is a person’s first impression, it needs to be a good one. Businesses spend a great deal of time and money on layout, design, and content. It makes sense to put the same amount of effort into drawing potential customers to your website. It is the combination of both that ultimately increases traffic and hiring a Charlotte-area internet marketing company can make a measurable difference.

Innovative Website Solutions

Leads Online Marketing specializes in creating unique and personal websites that reflect who you are as a business. The team that works on web design will create a plan that is both attractive and functional and execute it. Design elements should look good, but also add value. A well-rounded e-commerce structure will include branding, customer service, credit card processing, and of course, your product. Many websites are turning to video marketing to increase the reach of your message and convert viewers to customers.

To determine which areas are most effective, analytics can be employed to track visitors to your website. Find out which pages and products are most popular, how much time visitors spend browsing, and what kinds of keywords are bringing them in.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy should cover several different components to target the widest range of consumers. Local online directories are an excellent starting place. Many shoppers use these types of websites to begin searching for specific products, product reviews, and real feedback from other shoppers. Advertising products such as pay-per-click campaigns provide the best return for your investment. When an effective strategy is in place, this can be a cost-effective way to increase leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also a key part of marketing strategy. Through a combination of elements, your website can rank better in search engines, bringing in more traffic and boosting sales. SEO is more than just choosing the right words; it includes on-page and off-page components to create a contextual approach that will bring in organic traffic. With the right technique, performance can be measured over time, rather than just an initial boost that eventually tapers.

Hire an Internet Marketing Specialist

If your business operates in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, contact to find out what they can do for you. The team will provide an evaluation of your website and marketing strategies. With a plan in place, your business will begin to see changes in a very short time.

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