Nov 18, 2013

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Custom Tarps for Any Project

Not all tarps are made the same. There are many different patterns and materials available, and usually depend on what the tarp will be used for. Some are easily purchased “as-is” for a variety of uses while others require exact measurements.

Polyethylene Tarps: These tarps are made from a plastic material similar to that used in packaging and covering electrical wires. Poly tarps usually come with a nylon rope around the outside of the tarp and are commonly sold in blue, green, silver, white, red, camouflage and orange. This is an inexpensive but tough all-purpose material.

Canvas Tarps: Made of both synthetic and natural materials, canvas tarps are generally used in awnings. These types of tarps are popular in the trucking and painting industries because though they are not waterproof; they will soak up moisture and keep it from seeping through.

Truck Tarps: These types of tarps are usually made with very strong materials and have a poly coating. They are often reinforced with braided rope and double stitching, and have D rings at the end to connect them to a rope or bungee chord.

Mesh Tarps: Mesh tarps are designed to allow some water and air to pass through while still protecting from strong gusts or deluges. They are often used for shade, protection from the elements, or privacy.

Hay Tarps/Lumber Tarps: Hay and lumber tarps are water proof and treated to withstand the sun. Grommets along the sides allow for fastening to a truck or the ground. Though these do have some common sizes, they are equally as often custom tarps.
Fire Retardant Tarps: These tarps must meet different specifications depending on the state they are being sold in. They are often used for salvage covers by fire crews. Please note, this does not mean they are flame proof.

Baseball/Gym Floor Tarps: These Custom Tarps are usually waterproof, have grommets along the side to secure the tarp tightly, and are often built in sections for easy storage. Gym Floor tarps are built to be especially strong with a thick poly coating over their material.

It is very important for one to know what kind of project they will need a tarp for when ordering Custom Tarps. There are factors such as indoor/outdoor use, exposure to heat and sunlight, and durability that should be discussed during the initial consultation. This will help ensure the right tarp for the job. Visit today for more detail.

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