Dec 12, 2013

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Custom Letterhead Still Relevant in the Business World

Even in a world where snail mail is fading into the background as an acceptable way of correspondence you will still need to create a custom letterhead for your business. Consider all of these uses for your letterhead and you will see you should definitely add letterhead to your business needs.

Presentation Folders
You can add a DVD or CD for client’s to peruse when you prepare your presentation folders, however if you don’t have at least an overview, chances are they will never get around to viewing the disc. Creating custom letterhead will allow you to include an overview explaining what is on the disc while maintaining your professional image and keeping your branding consistent.

Intimate Follow-up
Even though email is always there to contact clients, sending a friendly thank you via snail mail offers a more intimate follow-up to initial meetings and presentations. Using custom letterhead is a must for client contact especially when you are still wooing them. You can also send thank you notes to customers who have signed on.

Direct Mail Campaigns
Although email campaigns are taking over direct marketing techniques you may still find valid reasons to offer a direct mail campaign. Using your branded letterhead is imperative for this kind of contact with potential customers.

Using custom letterhead for your invoices works well as an identifier for clients. This makes paying your bills a little easier as they know who it is for and where it has to go. If they have any inquiries all your contact information will be there.

Print in Bulk
You can save money if you order your custom letterhead printing in San Diego California in hand with envelopes, business cards and presentation folders. Ordering in bulk will also save you money and you will be prepared with enough stock to keep you going for months at a time.

Consistent Branding
You will be able to continue to raise brand awareness when investing in a custom letterhead design. You will be able to correspond using your letterhead for everything from presentation folders to invoices, follow-up letters and general correspondence. Printing directly from your documents onto professionally printed letterhead will keep an upscale high budget look to everything your business does.

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