Jul 8, 2015

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Custom Home Builders in Prescott, AZ Are on the Cutting Edge of Home Construction

At two different points in history, Prescott was the capital of the Arizona Territory. The city was capital in 1864, before the capital was moved to Tucson. Then it was the capital again in 1877, until the capital was moved to Phoenix. The history of the area dates back to the nineteenth century, when Arizonans saw the charming potential of the city.

Historic Architecture

Custom home builders in Prescott are working in a very historically rich city, full of compelling architecture. Due to coming to prominence in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, Prescott has many homes built in the style of the Victorian era. The style tends to incorporate steel and cast iron in commercial buildings. Also, the conventions of the neo-classical period were combined with Near Eastern and East Asian concepts to create a hybrid style that was truly original to North America. In fact, the buildings in Prescott are so unique that 809 different structures are on the National Register of Historic Places.

One of the historic districts is known as Whiskey Row. In 1900, a fire raged through the area and burned most of Whiskey Row. Legend has it that the drinkers at the Palace Hotel managed to save the bar and back bar by carrying it out into the street. It is one of the few 19th century structures from Whiskey Row that survived.

Contemporary Buildings

The custom home builders are not dealing exclusively in the historic style anymore. Energy Star certified builders with the latest techniques and innovations that verge on the standards of passive homes are creating new energy-efficient spaces in the city. The passive home set of standards is a voluntary set of standards that regulate ultra high-efficiency buildings. Mainly, the standards demand that very little air be allowed to escape from the building. This means that the heating and cooling demands are going to be much lower because the conditioned air does not leak out of the house.

Custom home builders such as the experts at Johnnanke.com build high efficiency homes that will save the customer money and harm the environment less than conventional buildings.

Energy efficient buildings benefit customers as much as they benefit the environment. The high temperatures in Prescott make air conditioning a priority in many homes. With a high efficiency home, less air leaks out and less hot outside air leaks in. This keeps air conditioning demands lower and saves energy. The saved energy means that you will spend less money cooling your home. That saved energy also means that fewer fossil fuels are burned to make electricity, sparing the environment just a little bit at a time. Temperatures in Prescott drop pretty low in the winter as well. The energy savings also apply to heating homes.

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