May 10, 2013

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Current Trends In Bathroom Remodeling Miami

Among the many evolving trends in home renovation, kitchens and bathrooms have seen the most prominent changes over the last several decades. As the areas residents utilize most, these two rooms generally tend to be kept more modern and comfortable than any others. Professionals in the field of Bathroom Remodeling Miami confirm: due the stressful, fast paced nature of our society, many people are seeking refuge in an indulgent bathroom.

The most commonly seen tendency in Bathroom Renovation in Miami is, simply, space. Whereas small, uncomplicated bathrooms of the past were merely a quick pit stop throughout the day, today’s bathrooms are becoming elaborate affairs. While bathrooms are gaining square footage, showers and bathtubs are growing as well.

Homeowners now seem to prefer large, luxurious soaking tubs following a long day’s work. These wonderful bathtubs are deeper than the norm and are designed to keep water heated for longer periods of time, eliminating the disappointment of a chilly bubble bath. They also offer easier, safer access than the platformed tubs of the last twenty years.

For those who do not favor a sit-down bath, showers are opening up. Shower stalls are being expanded; in addition, curtains and sliding doors are giving way to hinged doors and entire glass facades. These features provide modern showers with a free, less claustrophobic air. To further enhance the airiness of contemporary bathrooms, people are opting for sizable windows. Formed from opaque or textured glass, these windows offer an abundance of light while providing privacy without the need for cumbersome curtains.

In accordance with the desire for comfort, floors are being equipped with radiant heating. This type of heat features an inlaid mesh that provides heat from beneath the flooring of choice. Often accompanied by porcelain, stone or glass tiles, this most recent progression alleviates the shock of stepping out of a steamy bath or shower onto a miserably frigid floor.

Whether alone or in combination, these modernistic elements being used in Bathroom Remodeling Miami create bright, spacious areas in which to relax and wash away the troubles of the day. Today’s bathrooms are all about spaciousness, comfort and relaxation.

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