Feb 18, 2014

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Cupro Nickel Adds Up in Many Applications

Cupro nickel might have a funny name, but this metal is one that almost everyone has encountered in their lifetime. In fact, you maybe have even had it in your pocket and heard its sound as coins jingled against each other while you walked.

What is Cupro Nickel?

This type of nickel is also known as copper-nickel. It’s an alloy of copper that has nickel added in for extra strength. It may also contain such other strengthening metals as manganese and iron for good measure. This particular alloy is favored for use in a variety of applications and is considered a top choice for maritime operations because of its resistance to corrosion.

Properties That Matter

Cupro nickel has a number of unique properties that make it stand out from the metallic crowd in certain applications, such as coin making. Those properties include:

1. Its durability in the face of saltwater – Seawater is known to be highly corrosive to many different types of metal. While some metals will crack, crumble and rust in saltwater, cupro nickel tends to hold up very well because it is neutral to seawater.

2. Its appearance – Cupro nickel can have a shiny, silver appearance that makes it rather eye pleasing.

3. Its pliability – While this type of nickel can be extremely durable, it is also rather workable under the right conditions. Coin makers, for example, can melt and mold it to fit their shapes. It’s also usable for creating a variety of materials, including boat propellers.

4. Ease of care – Unlike silver, which must be polished and pampered, copper-nickel is fairly easy to care for. It tends to not only resist corrosion, but also rust. A simple wipe down is often all that’s required to keep this metal looking nice.

Uses for Cupro Nickel

As you can well imagine, copper nickel is used in a variety of applications. As mentioned, it’s a favorite metal for coin makers and has been so for hundreds of years. It’s also used for making pipes, heat exchangers, boats, crankshafts and even condensers and more. This alloy also finds its way into silver-plated flatware, medical equipment, zippers and can even be used to string a guitar. Its pliability, durability and appearance simply make it a great choice for a variety of applications.

Cupro nickel might be right for your manufacturing project. Find out more about this alloy and its benefits.

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