May 14, 2014

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Cruising Oahu in Style: Finding the Best Car Rental in Honolulu

Whether the it’s for a honeymoon, dream vacation, anniversary excursion, or business, there is nothing more exciting than a trip to Hawaii. Planning a trip to Hawaii takes a lot of work. It involves selecting the best possible hotel with the best amenities. Then there’s the booking of the flight. Is it better to fly coach and endure a couple of layovers? Is it better to spend more money to upgrade to first class and book a more direct flight? The first option might leave more money on the table for fun excursions in Hawaii, but the second option could result in travelers who are well-rested and ready to enjoy their time on the island known as ‘The Gathering Place’. Finally, after the hotel room and flight are booked, the only thing left to do is to research travel guides and decide what to do in Honolulu. Right? Wrong! Oahu is a big island. Walking from place to place is simply not an option. This means that seeking out appropriate options for Car Rental in Honolulu is an important step in planning an Oahu vacation.

Vacationers often think of car rental as a low priority concern that can be left to the last minute. Sadly, the customer often winds up spending an hour or more filling out redundant paperwork, and paying all sorts of fees just to rent a less than desirable vehicle. The end result is a missed opportunity to find economical Car Rental in Honolulu.

After the car rental has been secured, it is time for the vacation to begin. Imagine the fun of touring Oahu in a sporty tracker or a jeep wrangler. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a honeymoon by cruising an island in a rag top Mustang convertible. Mini vans are available to cart the youngest families around the island. Speaking of the youngest, unlike other rental agencies VIP rental is willing to anyone with a valid license over the age of 18. That’s a far cry from most RAC operations who won’t honor rental contracts from anyone who is under 25.

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