Oct 1, 2014

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Cruise Packing Suggestions to Make Your Holiday Unforgettable

Taking a cruise for vacation can be extremely exciting. However, before you board the ship, you have to pack for the excursion. While this may seem somewhat straightforward, the fact is that the average cabin on a cruise ship is no more than 200 square feet. This means you are going to have to maximize the space you are given, which means minimizing what you take along.

Choose the Suitcase
Many cruise companies are now designing cabins that offer room underneath the bed in order to make space for larger bags. If there is not enough space to store a big suitcase, then you should think about packing your items in a bag with soft sides, such as a rolling duffel, totes, and backpacks which are able to be flattened once they are unpacked.

You should remember that while most cabins have a closet, it is very unlikely they will be stocked with enough hangers for accommodating all of the clothing you bring along. It is a good idea to pack additional hangers if you plan on completely unpacking your bags.

Wear a Resort-Casual Outfit When You Board the Ship
It can take some time for the luggage you bring along on a cruise to arrive in your room, which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to what you wear when you get on board. You should try to wear resort casual since whatever you wear on board may have to be worn that evening as well, especially if there are significant delays in delivering the baggage to your room.

Check the Dress Code
In the past, going on a cruise meant packing for all types of occasions, including evening, semi-formal, and formal; however, modern cruises have a simplified dress code. Even if they host a formal night, you do not have to participate if you do not want to; you can simply dine in a different restaurant that evening. While you will not see many people wearing shorts or jeans while eating in the dining room at night, during the day anything is acceptable.

It is important to pack carefully for your cruise since you will have limited space in your cabin. Bring along extra hangers and suitcases that are able to fit in tight spaces. When you do this, you can feel confident that you will have everything needed and it will fit comfortably in your cabin on the cruise.

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