Crowns : What Are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

Both Crowns and tooth bridges in Cary, IL are prosthetic devices for your mouth. The only difference between these devices and dentures is that they are permanent. When you have dentures you have to take them out of your mouth and clean them daily. Dentals crowns and bridges are cemented onto your existing implants or teeth. Only a dentist can remove a bridges or Crowns in Cary, IL once they have been installed.

What Does A Crown Do?

A crown is basically a cap or a hat for your damaged tooth. It can be used to improve the shape, appearance, or strength of an otherwise imperfect tooth.

What Does A Bridge Do?

A bridge is something a dental clinic such as Cary Dental Associates LLC is going to recommend if you are missing one or more of your teeth. The gaps left when you lose a tooth or teeth can create problems for the teeth that are left in your mouth. A bridge is a replacement that is used to fill those gaps.

How Are They Made?

Typically, the size of your tooth (or your teeth) will have to be reduced. This is so the crown and/or bridge will be able to fit properly over the top of the teeth. Most of the time, these devices are made out of porcelain. When this happens your dentist will make sure that the shade of the crown or bridge matches the shade of the rest of the teeth in your mouth. The goal is to make the devices look as natural in your mouth so people do not notice you have imperfect teeth or gaps in your mouth.

It is very possible for crowns and Tooth Bridges in Cary, IL to last a lifetime. However, it is also very possible for them to fall out or just because loose. There are steps you can take to make sure that your bridges and crowns last as long as possible. For example, you should practice oral hygiene. It is just as important to brush them as it is your teeth. You should also be flossing your mouth daily as well.

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